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MISSION STATEMENT:  East Middle School strives to educate all students by providing a challenging curriculum so that students can attain the skills necessary to become lifelong learners and responsible, productive citizens.


  1. I will always do my best/give my best effort..

  2. I will always act nice.  

  3. I will always use good manners.  

  4. I will be responsible, respectful, and ready to learn.  

  5. I will always show respect to others.  

  6. I will congratulate my classmates and celebrate their successes with them.  

  7. I will always be honest, no matter the circumstances.  

  8. I will be efficient organized and on task when in class.  

  9. I will complete all assigned work each day.

  10. I will exhibit politeness and kindness when the opportunity presents itself.

  11. If any student in this school is bothering me or others, I will let a teacher or administrator know immediately. 

EMS Handbook